Farovon is company that focus on the solution of information technology, including maritime technology, cyber intelligence, cyber security, Internet of things and training centers, we have experience in installing equipment supported by various vendor and we created several systems by combining various devices that can be relied on so that it becomes a more complex dashboard of information data..


Maritime Corporate Products

Monitoring System

  • AIS Coastal Monitoring & Integrated System
  • AIS Coastal Receiver & Integrated System
  • AIS Vessel Receiver & Integrated System
  • AIS-RADAR Scanner Coastal & Integrated System
  • AIS-RADAR Scanner Vessel & Integrated System
  • Coastal Sensor Monitoring & Integrated System
  • Vessel Sensor Monitoring & Integrated System
  • AIS Satellite Monitoring System
  • Vessel VMS Satellite Monitoring System

Maritime Surveillance System

  • AIS Vessel Behavior Analysis
  • Integrated Sensor Vessel Behavior Analysis
  • Radar Satellite Maritime Analysis
  • Optical Satellite Maritime Analysis
  • Radio Frequency Maritime Detection Satellite Analysis

Internet Of Think (IoT) Corporate Products

Monitoring System

  • Hydro Monitoring System
  • Early Warning Tsunami Integrated System
  • Water Level Monitoring Integrated System
  • Weather Station Integrated System
  • Hydro Sensor Monitoring Integrated System

Smart City

  • CCTV Integrated System
  • Mobile Monitoring Application Integrated System
  • Call Center Application Integrated System
  • IoT Sensor Monitoring Integrated System

Asset Monitoring System

  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Logistic Tracking System

Agriculture Monitoring System

  • Precision Agriculture Sensor monitoring System

Telecommunication Products

Maritime Telecommunication System

  • VSAT Gyro Communication Integrated System
  • Marine Radio Communication Integrated system

Land Telecommunication System

  • Drive Away Communication Integrated System
  • Satcom on the Move (SOTM) Integrated System
  • Radio Communication Integrated system

Social Media Corporate Analysis Product

Media Analysis

  • Influencing & Fake Account Detection
  • Avatar troop Influencing Corporate

OSINT-Profiling Analysis

  • Corporate market status profiling

Cyber Security Corporate Analysis Products

Cyber Detections

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Behavior Analytics
  • Endpoint Detection
  • Network Analytics

Cyber Defends

  • Threat Hunting
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Network Protection
  • Cloud Protection

Cyber Remediate & response

  • Security Orchestration
  • Sandbox Protection
  • Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence

Space Satellite Corporate Products

  • Radar Satellite Picture Analysis
  • Optical Satellite Picture Analysis
  • Radio Frequency Land Detection Satellite Analysis